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Meet Oluwaseun Kayode, Global Nomads Group’s Program Success Manager based in Nigeria.

Oluwaseun Kayode is devoted to worldwide youth engagement programs, education, teaching, youth development, technology, and creating innovative platforms to share generative education practices. 

“Global Nomads has helped me to see the world with different eyes. I understand and empathize more with my colleagues all over the world. If simply working here can change my own perspective, imagine what our programs do for our youth participants!”

“Having spaces that are safe and inclusive, like what Global Nomads offers, is very rare.”

Oluwaseun Kayode

In his former position as Senior Program Manager at Peace First, one of the world’s largest youth-led organizations, Oluwaseun supervised a team of six regional managers and more than 100 young ambassadors in 25 countries across regions as they powered change in Asia/Oceania, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, United States and Canada, United Kingdom and Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Oluwaseun founded Rebook Africa to expand digital opportunities for young people and invite young Africans to rewrite the narrative for their continent. He has collaborated with the African Union, United States Consulates, and Kingdom of Netherlands on local and international education projects. 

Oluwaseun finds joy in creating platforms to share generative educational practices worldwide. His presence with Global Nomads Group is a welcome force for growth.

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