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Youth Voices + Impact Stories: Colorful Flavors of Summer

by Content Creation Lab youth intern Asma (Jordan)

Asma headshot

“. . . having the chance to get to know some beautiful souls . . .”


Ever since I started filling the pre-program survey, I was as optimistic as ever, since I really expected lots from this internship. Now that it is coming to end, I can confidently say that my expectations were never put down.

I started enthusiastically looking forward for the occasional “This week’s tasks” message, excited for the new experiences that the internship is paving the way for me to partake in. I loved the concepts and the knowledge that I was lucky to get, which enabled me to view the world in a slightly better manner, as well as improve my actions and word in terms of that manner. And I absolutely liked having the opportunity to create content in terms of the same manner.

But what I will definitely take with me, and what I loved and looked for the most in this internship, was the weekly team meetings. It was where we got, as a team, to meet and discuss the way the tasks are going with each of us, while having the chance to get to know some beautiful souls, and really assiduous leaders.

I deeply thank The Stevens Initiative, as well as Global Nomads Group for granting me this great opportunity, which added many colorful flavors to my summer.

Global Nomads Group’s Content Creation Lab 2022 Cohort actively created four new Student to Word courses focusing on the important theme of Careers for a Just & Sustainable World: Architecture, Film & Media, Finance, and Medicine & Scientific Research.

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