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Meet the 2023 Globe Ball Youth Ambassadors

At the 2023 Group Globe Ball on June 8th, Global Nomads youth ambassadors hosted a festive and inspiring evening with stories of self-discovery and shared humanity that shines a spotlight on our outstanding honorees.

The following youth are exemplary Global Nomads and we were proud to have them present awards to our 2023 Globe Ball honorees.

Isa headshot

Name: Isabella “Isa” Pryde

Age: I am 15 and currently a freshman at Beacon High School in New York City.

Hometown: New York, New York, USA

Secret Super Power: Advocating for women’s rights. (Well, maybe not so super-secret.) My friends are always like “Oh my gosh, Isa is talking about the gender wage gap again.” If I ever get to choose a topic for a project, I choose women’s rights. It’s a serious subject and one I want to pursue more as I grow up.

Random Factoid: My parents are both from New Zealand, giving me an international viewpoint at home.

What’s Next For Me: Getting through high school. It’s a big shift from middle school, what with making new friends and learning new subjects. But I’ll still actively participate in Global Nomads’ Content Creation Lab as much as I can and hopefully become an intern coordinator.

My Favorite Thing About Global Nomads: Everyone meets on the same level at Global Nomads. Everyone takes my ideas into consideration; no one makes me feel like I’m just a dumb little kid. We all are treated as equals.

Rainy headshot

Name: Rainy Lu

Age: I’m 16 years old and in grade 11 at Bishop Strachan School, Toronto.

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Secret Super Power: Being an interpreter for my parents. My very first English-language email was to hire a plumber and communicate with him while he did work. It was quite the adventure for a middle-schooler, but I realized I’m really good at it.

Random Factoid: I had never seen snow before I moved to Toronto. Now I live somewhere with winter for half the year!

What’s Next For Me: I plan to continue improving my English through schoolwork and my experience with Global Nomads. From then I hope to go on to college and study biomedical engineering in college.

My Favorite Thing About Global Nomads: As a multicultural group in the Content Creation Lab, we bring our own experiences and take in a more social-historical way of thinking. For example, when developing the architectural curriculum, we focused on how the presence of architecture both shapes and is shaped by the communities it serves. It really opens up your mind to many ways of thinking.

Azaria headshot

Name: Azaria Mosby

Age: I am 20 and currently a sophomore at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia.

Hometown: Petersburg, Virginia, USA

Secret Super Power: Versatility! I’m in an intense five-year architecture masters program, I’m also an intern coordinator at Global Nomads, and I’m trying to become fluent in Spanish and Italian. All of this takes careful planning and adapting to different roles quickly.

Random Factoid: Faith was really important to me growing up and I was very involved in our church. I was part of the church choir and even president of the youth ministry at one point.

What’s Next For Me: Definitely more studying. I hope to learn as much as I can about architecture and choose a discipline in that field to focus on. After college I would love to work at an architectural firm in a big city and find some time to travel abroad.

My Favorite Thing About Global Nomads: Global Nomads programs are a fun way of learning about the world. They teach you leadership and organizational skills. You get to play teacher while also learning about other people and cultures at the same time. They really prepare you for the professional world and set you up for success.

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