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Making a Lasting Impact Beyond Code

I am drawn to international justice because of the belief that my skills can be harnessed to create platforms that raise awareness and facilitate communication between disparate groups. I am also passionate about music, photography, traveling and exploring new destinations and cultures.

Brian Painstil

The idea of using technology as a force for good, to potentially empower marginalized communities is deeply compelling to me. I also believe there’s an opportunity to educate and inspire the next generation not just about coding, but about responsible digital citizenship, the ethics of technology, and its potential to drive positive change. By being a part of such initiatives, I hope to give back, mentor others, and play a role in crafting a more informed, empathetic, and proactive future generation.

At Global Nomads Group (GNG), my work as a software engineer primarily revolves around developing and maintaining platforms that foster intercultural dialogue among the youth. My responsibilities span the complete software development lifecycle, from requirement analysis and design to implementation, testing, and maintenance. The technologies I’ve helped implement at GNG have directly contributed to creating an environment where students can safely and effectively engage with global peers from diverse backgrounds. Through our platforms, thousands of students have developed a broader worldview, fostered empathy, and gained a deeper understanding of global issues.

While I cherish the problem-solving and innovative aspects of software development, I’m equally passionate about seeing tangible societal impacts resulting from my work. Global Nomads Group offers a unique blend of technological challenges intertwined with real-world positive outcomes. In my work, I see a chance to make code matter in a global context, contributing to a future where young people are more empathetic, informed, and connected.

Beyond development, I’m also involved in directly supporting educators and students using our platforms. Whether it’s troubleshooting issues or gathering feedback for future improvements, these interactions provide invaluable insights and help me stay connected to the real-world impact of my work. 

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