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group: Staff

Janelle Cooper headshot

Janelle Cooper

Janelle is a longtime global nomad, having lived in eight different countries and worked as an English-language teacher in Haiti, Italy, Senegal, and South Korea. Janelle applies her unique experience navigating linguistic and cultural differences to her professional work in international marketing and communications.

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Katie Cox headshot

Katie Cox

Katie joined Global Nomads Group’s Content Creation Lab with fifteen years of experience in research, teaching, and curriculum development in higher education, non-profit, and community settings. She holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of California, Irvine, where her work focused on the use of community-led science in environmental justice advocacy.

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Christine Goussous headshot

Christine Goussous

Christine began her career with Global Nomads Group as a community associate. She spent time as a partnerships manager at Humanitas Technologies, where she worked on a youth-facing, community improvement mobile app. She then rejoined Global Nomads Group in 2019 and now leads the organization’s recruitment and partnerships initiatives.

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Courtney Welsh headshot

Courtney Welsh

Courtney is a seasoned leader in the public and nonprofit sectors. She was a founding member and Chief Operating Officer of the NYC Leadership Academy, and has consulted for organizations such as the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative and the Aspen Institute. Courtney holds a M.Ed. from Harvard University and an executive level certificate from Columbia Graduate School of Business.

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Elizabeth Knowles headshot

Elizabeth Knowles

Elizabeth has been with Global Nomads Group since joining as a Programs Consultant in 2014, having previously worked in educational and nonprofit organizations in India, China, Thailand, and Colombia. She brings this international and multicultural experience to her work leading operations, finance, and HR initiatives.

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Layan Kousayeh headshot

Layan Kousayeh

Layan promotes youth-led, youth-governed online conversations throughout the world. A graduate of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, she has worked in the mobile gaming and social media industries using technology to foster community and create safe spaces for self-expression – skills that she now uses to help young people connect confidently.

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Martha Doherty headshot

Martha Doherty

Martha hosts online events and works with youths and educators worldwide. A native of Budapest, she is a graduate of the French Lycée and the University of Manchester and is an avid student of Arabic language and culture. Before joining Global Nomads Group, Martha worked in the south of France as a singer and entertainer and as a language tutor.

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Mays Owaynat headshot

Mays Owaynat

Mays oversees operations and implementation of Global Nomads Group’s online events and courses. Her varied experience has included teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, developing children’s educational and cultural programs, and working in public relations and as an interpreter. She now brings this interpersonal, intercultural approach to a global audience.

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Nicole Goggin headshot

Nicole Goggin

Nicole began her career as an intern with the Global Nomads Group curriculum development team and has been integral in building, operating, and implementing new programs for over a decade. Nicole works across departments on strategy, communication, and intercultural facilitation and is committed to bring varied perspectives to the discussion table.

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Oluwaseun Kayode headshot

Oluwaseun Kayode

Oluwaseun is a veteran nonprofit leader in education, youth development, and technology. In addition to his work supervising youth leaders at Peace First, he founded Rebook Africa to expand digital opportunities for young Africans to rewrite the narrative for their continent. He now brings the same approach to a worldwide audience.

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