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Youth Voices + Impact Stories: Peer Support Impacts Personal Change

by Content Creation Lab youth intern Ahmed (Egypt)

“I had a golden piece of advice from one of my team leaders who knew the problem I'm facing. . . . I felt motivated to keep fighting, until I won!”

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Before joining this internship, I used to procrastinate a lot, I never finished my tasks in time, and this gave me many problems, especially in my studies. I knew, deep inside me, that I needed to change this habit, but I have been always hiding this truth and saying that everything is fine, while everything is not fine!

When I knew about this internship, I really wanted to join it, yet I didn’t apply for it until the last days before the deadline. Luckily, I got accepted, but I still didn’t change my habit of delaying important things, that’s why I didn’t finish the first assignment that we had, after we started, until the last possible minutes.

We had assignments to do every week, and I understood that procrastinating won’t do me any good, it would actually prove harmful. So I tried to stop it, to do things according to a schedule, to stick to that schedule. But, easier said than done, it was hard, especially for someone who has been procrastinating since… Well, since his childhood!

While I was in this “battle” against my old habit and my former self, a moment came when I thought that I cannot win, that I cannot change, that this struggle is useless. I was about to give up, when I had a golden piece of advice from one of my team leaders who knew the problem I’m facing. This advice came in the form of a video talking about my problem, explaining it, and giving solutions to it.

They say that the darkest parts of night are those that are just before the sunrise, well, I guess they’re right! In the moment that I was pretty certain of losing the battle, victory came with that video. After watching it, I felt motivated to keep fighting, until I won!

Getting rid of that accursed habit made me finish the program in time, and will definitely help me in the future, especially while trying to organize my lessons while studying. This is a turn point in my life and it is because of this wonderful program, that’s why I shall be always indebted to it!

Global Nomads Group’s Content Creation Lab 2022 Cohort actively created four new Student to Word courses focusing on the important theme of Careers for a Just & Sustainable World: Architecture, Film & Media, Finance, and Medicine & Scientific Research.

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