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Global Nomads Group Awarded $50,000 in Support of its Seat at the Table Program from the Hollister Confidence Fund

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Seat at the Table was founded in 2018 as a dedicated, virtual forum for youth ages 16 to 25 to connect around issues of interest or concern. Accessed through an app, youth members share their experiences and stories while actively listening to and learning from others, enabling the space to remain dynamic and evolving based on the needs of the youth community. 

The grant will support improved technology considerations to make the space more dynamic and engaging for its youth participants. Global Nomad’s CEO Courtney Welsh acknowledges its importance: 

“We are thrilled to have been selected to receive a grant from the Hollister Confidence Fund.  This award will allow us to continue to connect youth across distance and difference in meaningful and powerful ways.”

Twenty non-profit organizations and projects nationwide will be given grants by the Hollister Confidence Fund totaling $1 million, all to build further confidence among teens across a variety of communities. The grant announcement comes in celebration of Hollister’s World Teen Mental Wellness Day, an annual event held on March 2 to dismantle the stigma around teen mental health.

The Hollister Confidence Fund is part of The Hollister Confidence Project, a year-round, worldwide initiative dedicated to helping teens feel their most comfortable, confident, and capable. This year’s grant recipients were selected by The Hollister Confidence Project’s advisory board, which consists of mental health experts, educators, and Hollister brand representatives. For more details about the Hollister Confidence Project, visit their webpage (opens in a new window).

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