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Mila Petrova

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Mila Petrova


PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

“If you can reach thousands, how can you use your skills to reach millions?

Mila Petrova came to the United States from Eastern Europe to go to college. Her education included her first exposure to prejudice and bias. “My roommate had never traveled out of her state—home was all she knew,” remembers Mila, who describes “a bit of a clash right there at the beginning.” Having come from a country that was “very closed and limited in terms of information,” Mila was surprised to find people with many choices who would shut out the world. “Openness should be an instinct,” says Mila, who searched for her people and quickly found them: fellow world travelers.

In 1995, Mila began her tenure at PricewaterhouseCoopers and has grown and risen through the ranks of this global organization. Today, she is an Assurance Partner in PwC NY’s Technology Media and Telecommunications practice. Her experience in technology, business information, advertising, publishing and music have served her well, including during her years in PwC’s National Office and PwC London.

Mila works primarily with professionals at PwC who are 30 and younger, and relishes the chance to work across generations as well as cultures. She credits PwC for its accountability to matters of social injustice at the leadership level and throughout the organization, but appreciates being directly involved in solutions

“I need to do more than hear people’s heartbreaking stories, empathize with them and write a check,” says Mila. She shares Global Nomads’ mission to connect young people so they can discover their common joys and pain, and form lasting bonds. “Listening and respect are the foundation for everything good to happen.”

Global Nomads welcomes Mila’s expertise and heartfelt ambition to grow its impact. “If you can reach thousands,” she asks, “how can you use your skills to reach millions?”