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Explore Global Nomad Group’s curated lesson plans designed for educators to seamlessly integrate global perspectives into their classrooms. Engage students with dynamic content that fosters cultural understanding, critical thinking, and collaborative learning. Elevate your teaching experience with our comprehensive and ready-to-use lesson plans.

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Several hands point to architectural blueprints sit on a lighted table


Understand the cultural and historical significance of built structures, and explore a career that increases sustainability and justice.

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Art in Action

Learn how art contributes to social movements and positive change while exploring local and global artistic and cultural expressions.

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Two people operate a shoulder-mounted camera on a movie set

Film & Media

How do filter bubbles shape our perceptions of the world? Explore this topic as it relates to representation and identity in social media, film, and journalism.

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A calculator and pen sit atop an accounting paper


Youth consider ways that finance promote a person’s or country’s financial stability and how the notion of financial stability varies among and within countries, communities, and circumstances.

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Serving soup at a charity food pantry

Global Hunger

Learn how food waste and loss contribute to global hunger while exploring the meaningful food rituals in local and global communities.

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A group of protestors outdoors with a bullhorn

Human Rights

Learn how people exercise their human rights every day, how to protect marginalized communities, and act with guidance from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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A scientist looks through a microscope in a laboratory

Medicine & Scientific Research

Explore medical systems in various countries, sustainable waste management in medical facilities, and how careers in Medicine and Scientific Research take shape worldwide.

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A teenage girl with light brown skin wearing a pink and white shirt. She is standing in front of a desk, holding a notepad and pen while looking upward to the left. Behind her is a chalkboard with a Monday to Friday schedule noting tests and Skype sessions.]

Mental Health

Learn about the chemicals in the brain, the stigmas associated with mental health, and ways to promote well-being and rewrite the narrative around mental health. 


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A plastic bottle floats in blue ocean water

Ocean Health

Learn how plastic use impacts ocean health through local waste management practices and the impact of individual and collective behaviors.


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A jigsaw puzzle that spells out the word 'Bias'

Overcoming Bias

Learn how people form biases, how they can overcome them, and how they can help others do the same.


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A soccer ball in the middle of a pitch with several players in the background


Learn about the relationship between sports, being our best selves, and how sports have been used to celebrate the best of everybody.

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A group of girls in colorful dresses wave across a body of water

Women’s Rights

Learn how beauty standards and gender roles impact women’s rights and how they are advocated for in your local and global communities.

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