Learn about the relationship between sports and being our best selves and how sports have been used to celebrate the best of every body.

Youth explore the meaning of sports in local communities, the opportunities and costs of participating in sports, and how racism, classism, sexism and ableism play into people’s experiences of sports in a global context. With unique features including personal video testimonials and tips for taking concrete action, youth learn about how sports shape our lives, cultures, and opportunities.

#EverydayBestSelf Youth explore and share stories about the relationship between sports and one’s sense of self.

#EverydayLocalAdrenaline Youth explore and share stories about the societal values reflected in sports, how their local communities react to sports and how that reaction shapes their own relationship to sports.

#EverydayGlobalCompetition Youth explore and share stories about how sports serves as a microcosm of society, noting the social dynamics reflected in sports and society. Youth learn about social movements that have been advanced globally in the world of sports and how sports can be further used as a platform for social justice.

#EverydayAction Youth explore and design action plans on how they can help create a sports culture that is more just and inclusive.

How it Works

Global Nomads Group uses technology to connect youth with their global peers to explore and respond to the issues they care most about – from individual identity to global hunger to human rights. Whether participating in live conversations or exchanging stories in our online courses, young people are able to listen intently, share viewpoints, and explore both the similarities and differences in their lives. These eye-widening, mind-opening, and perspective-shifting exchanges are at the core of our programming and allow youth to powerfully experience our shared humanity.

Engaging Video Episodes

3-4 hours per topic
Laptop screen of Student to World video course Watch Episode One When you meet a new person, what do you pay attention to?

Youth (ages 12-19) explore a global theme through video episodes that include engaging content and global peer story exchange. Video episodes include captioning (in English and Arabic), ASL interpretation and image descriptions.

Interactive Online Courses

6-8 hours per topic
Laptop screen of Global Peers Stories map of the world with icons marking story locations

Youth (ages 12-19) explore a global theme through engaging content and curated resources, interactive activities, and story exchange with their global peers.

Live Conversations

Phone screen showing the profile page of Towett in the table app and his connections to diverse youth

Youth (ages 16-25) engage in youth-facilitated live discussions with their global peers and join a vibrant online community that explores and celebrates our differences and connections.

Facilitated Live Events

Laptop screen with five diverse young people on the screen in a video call mock up

Our trained facilitators lead discussion groups in which youth (ages 12-19) can learn with and from their global peers about a pressing global issue and about each other’s lives.

Storytelling Creates Change

In order for youth to find each other’s lives plausible, Global Nomads Group leverages the power of storytelling. Rather than have global youth share opinions and information about themselves with one another, we engage them in sharing stories with one another.

The stories are often brief, yet impactful, revealing deep truths through small moments, bringing social issues to life through day-to-day realities a deep-rooted global issue.

Learning Standards Alignment

Guided by academic research and deep empathy for young people’s interests and experiences, GNG’s standards-aligned curricula help youth develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to thrive in the 21st century. Through sharing stories and building human connections, youth are inspired to explore global issues through a personal, local and global lens and lead positive change in their communities.

Choose the format that best support your learning objectives (or use them all!) and receive training and support from Global Nomads Group to implement in your classroom.

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