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Free Virtual Exchange Program between Mexican and United States Students

Global Nomads Group’s Overcoming Bias Through Language Learning program is a virtual exchange between Mexican and US students aged 13-15. In this program, students will engage in activities to identify personal, societal, and linguistic biases and strengthen skills in their  target language.

Students have multiple opportunities to engage in social-cultural language learning through story exchanges with their peers and live facilitated virtual conversations where they practice speaking in and listening to their target language with their Mexican peers who are native Spanish speakers.

Register now to participate in our program from September to December 2024 or January to April 2025, dedicating 8 hours for the online course and 35-50 minutes for each of the 3 live events. All on-line course materials are available in English and Spanish and you can customize implementation based on your students’ language levels. Global Nomads staff can help you determine how best to customize for your classes.

“Uno de los grandes beneficios para mis estudiantes, en particular, fue la posibilidad de tener una experiencia única y por primera vez poder interactuar, conocer, comparar y compartir eventos de su vida que para ellos eran significativos, con estudiantes de su misma edad, que viven en otro país, contexto, con diferentes condiciones económicas y sociales, etc. Este curso les permitió tener un acercamiento a una cultura diferente a la suya, mostrar respeto e interés en conocer otras culturas más allá de lo que los rodea, pudieron compartir sus ideas en diferentes tareas y compartirlas no sólo con sus compañeros de escuela y su familia sino en la plataforma para ser leídas por jóvenes que aparentemente no son tan diferentes de ellos. Este tema es de gran relevancia ya que no solo se utilizó como una herramienta para que algunos de ellos tuvieran su primer acercamiento al idioma inglés, sino que es un tema de gran relevancia social y su aprendizaje e implementación es para toda su vida."

Educator from Mexico

Why Choose Our Program?

Free Engaging Quality Content

Interactive Activities: Supplementary resources to keep your students engaged and motivated.
Live Events: US and Mexican students connect in real-time, engaging in meaningful conversations and cultural exchange.

Inclusive and Accessible

Accessibility Features: Subtitles, closed captions, and translations to ensure every student can participate.
Support for Educators: Access to training sessions, technical support, and ongoing communication with our team.

Track and Celebrate Progress

Progress Tracking: Easily monitor your students' advancement and provide timely support.
Student Stories: Encourage your students to share their experiences and perspectives with their global peers.

Program Highlights

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Live Events

  • Paired Classes: Students from the US and Mexico engage in bilingual activities for 35 to 50 minutes per live event.
  • Language Practice: Enhance listening and speaking skills in both English and Spanish through this interactive activity.
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Interactive Modules

  • 4 Modules: Each module is 2 hours, designed to fit seamlessly into your curriculum.
  • Global Topic: Covers the interesting topic of “Overcoming Bias” to drive meaningful discussions and global awareness.
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Cultural Exchange

  • By Global Youth, For Global Youth: Unique content created by young people, for young people, ensuring relevance and relatability.
  • Certificate of Completion: Recognize your students’ hard work and achievements with an official certificate.
  • Enhanced Cultural Understanding: Students learn about each other’s cultures, fostering empathy and global awareness.
  • Practical Language Use: Real-time conversations with native speakers help students apply language skills in authentic contexts.

“The Overcoming Bias through Language Learning Course allows my students to explore global issues by also allowing them to practice their language skills. My students were able to reflect on moments in which they have experienced the issues that were discussed in the courses.”

Educator from the United States

How It Works


Once you register through this page, our team will contact you to schedule an orientation session to go through our program’s details and timelines.


Our team then schedules a training session to take you through our platform, class registration process, and answer any questions you might have.


Your students start engaging with our program and complete the 4 modules and 3 live events.


Upon program completion, your students will receive an official certificate from Global Nomads Group.


The program runs for 8 weeks (total of 8 hours) plus 35-50 minutes per live event (total of 3 live events), with flexible timing for easy integration into your existing schedule.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Together, we can transform the future of language learning. Join our program today!

Global Nomads Group’s Overcoming Bias Through Language Learning program is funded by the Stevens Initiative, which is housed at the Aspen Institute and is supported by the Bezos Family Foundation.

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