Teach English by Engaging With U.S. Youth

Free Virtual Exchange Program between Mexican and United States Students

Teach English by exploring the everyday lives and stories of native English speakers.

Global Nomads Group’s Language Learning through our Overcoming Bias program is a virtual exchange between Mexican and US students. The program includes activities to identify personal, societal, and linguistic biases and to strengthen skills in students’ target language.

Students have multiple opportunities to engage in social cultural language learning through story exchanges with their peers and live facilitated virtual conversations where they practice speaking in and listening to their target language with US peers who are native English speakers.

Join our program from October to December or January to April 2024, dedicating 2-4 hours per module, plus 1 hour for each of the 3 live events. Language proficiency at B1 or B2 level is ideal, but we can be modified to support A1 levels.

Designed by students for students

Each Student to World course is a product of Global Nomads Group’s unique Content Creation Lab, a virtual internship program that brings together youth leaders from around the world. Working under the guidance of subject matter experts, these participants study, synthesize information, and create age-appropriate content for their peers.

Chief of Programs and Learning Sandra Stein, Ph.D., describes the Content Creation Lab process.

Program Details

A jigsaw puzzle that spells out the word 'Bias'

Course Overview

Learn how people form biases, how they can overcome them, and how they can help others do the same.

The course is organized into four modules, each with key vocabulary, topic overview, and a peer story exchange activity that allows learners to read real, impactful stories from past course participants from around the world and an opportunity for learners to submit their own stories.

The Language Learning Enhancement section of each module focuses on the social practices of language. These sections include sample lessons for discussing how language can reflect, reinforce, and challenge bias.

Module Overview

Module One: Students learn about the different types of biases and reflect on their own
biases through a story exchange about a time when they made an incorrect assumption about someone else.

Language learning lesson: Students learn about how the adjectives we select to describe others can reflect our biases.

Module Two: Students complete a How Diverse is Your Universe activity and exchange stories about a time they learned something that challenged their bias about someone who is different from them.

Language learning lesson: Students will be able to use the past perfect tense accurately to describe a personal experience that challenged their biases about someone who is different from them.

Module Three: Students explore how the media can influence our biases and exchange stories describing an imagined conversation between them and someone from another country, including questions that they would ask about that country as well as the answers to those questions.

Language learning lesson: Students will form a grammatically correct “I thought that, now I think” sentence and connect that to the lesson on how we can overcome biases with new information.

Module Four: Students explore how to interrupt bias in themselves and others and share their goals for taking action to help themselves and/or others overcome bias.

Language learning lesson: Students will be able to use the future tense “will” to express intentions and actions related to overcoming bias, while creating a goal to actively address and challenge biases.

Join the Program

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Global Nomads Group's Overcoming Bias Through Language Learning program is funded by the Stevens Initiative, which is housed at the Aspen Institute and is supported by the Bezos Family Foundation.

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