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Globe Ball

The Globe Ball

The Globe Ball is Global Nomads Group’s gala celebration. To receive announcements about this event, please sign up for our newsletter.

We wish to thank our sponsors from the 2021 Globe Ball and look forward to gathering again.

An elaborate banquet table with a single white rose
The 2021 Globe Ball: Connecting Youth Across Distance and Difference

Special Thanks

Global Nomads Group gratefully acknowledges Jackie and Mike Bezos and the Bezos Family Foundation for the generous and long-time support that has allowed us to explore new ideas, seize opportunities, and be agile and adapt to changing landscapes.

Global Visionary

Herman Miller Cares


Global Ambassador


L&K Partners, Inc.

Global Investor

Diana Amoa 

Ana Ceppi 

Mila Petrova  

Global Patron

BT Flooring – Benjamin Todd – Matthew Schindler – Thomas Fox – Gregory Todd – Christine Todd  

Cindy Chastain 

Control Solutions Group, Inc – EMCOR Affiliate 

Creative Office Pavilion 

Scott and Anne Hefter 

The Hershey Company 

Sean Mackin, Preferred Mechanical 


Patella Woodworking 

Qatar Foundation International 

Sound Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. 

Welsh Giving Fund 

Global Benefactor

Sultan AlQasimi 

Earthcodes Observatory 

JP Morgan Chase & Co 

Michael Jacobs, JFK&M Consulting Group LLC 

Mark Kleinknecht, Kleinknecht Electric Company 

Lissa Muscatine and Bradley Graham 

Melroy Patterson 

Alan Rivera 

Michelle Toth 

VVA Project & Cost Managers  

Global Supporter

Michael Barnello

Amy Barzdukas

Natalie Boden

Meredith Callanan

Jennifer Freitag

Horing Family Fund

Vicki Gersten

Gil-Bar Industries

Patrick Gordon

Thomas C. Hudnut

Gayle Jones

Ruth & Sidney Lapidus

Nicole Martucci

Shirish Pareek

Ann & Stephen Potter

Carol Sawdye

Segal Family United World Foundation

Sidney Smith

Mark Strom

Jennifer & Phil Tombaugh

Farhad Zaman

Global Friend

Kathy Benemann

Robert Conklin

Laurence Hefter

Karen Jehanian

Kevin Keegan

Kevin Keenan

Kent Lucas

David Macquart-Moulin

Ray Martinez

Robert W. Pethick

Ethan Pfeiffer

Estee Portnoy

Dave Stefan

The Dennis and Susan Gertmenian Fund

The Godward Family

John Tymitz

Global Community

Joe Bagtas

Shari Berman

Michelle Bowman

Mark Deck

James DePonte

David & Susan Drachsler

Mary John Frank

Raina Fishbane

Flax Family Fund

Thomas Gaidimas

John Gianutsos

Michael Gostkowski

Jonathan Hirschfeld

Nikki Hughes

Frederique Irwin

Brian Kaplan

Tim Kuoda

Erin Laber

Lisa Larragoite

Matthew Littlewood

Peter Lorenz

Bryan Lutz

Owens Family Giving Fund

Marc Panucci

Violeta Pardo

Helen Pena

Felix Perez

Sally and Tom Reeder

Gerasimos Stellatos

Pierre-Alain Sur

George Tannenbaum

Dewey Thompson

Christopher Tipton